El Diablo

About El Diablo

There have been multiple iterations of El Diablo in DC Comics, as the character's existence goes back to the old west - where a man named Lazarus Lane was nearly killed by a gang of thieves, but revived by a Native American shaman. He adopted the name El Diablo, and from that day forward became a vigilante. The Suicide Squad live-action take on the character won't be this version, but instead the more recent one from DC's line of New 52 comics. In those comics, El Diablo is Chato Santana, a former criminal who actually encounters Lazarus Lane and takes on the old west hero's mantle. Actor Jay Hernandez has the honor of being the first actor to bring El Diablo to life, and as you can in the image above, he's doing it by going through a pretty interesting transformation. Not only has he shaved off all of his hair, but his entire face is covered by a rather intimidating skull tattoo. The footage suggests that the character has a pretty severe obsession with fire, not to mention the ability to shoot it out of his palms, so we'll see how that affects his path in the movie.

El Diablo from Suicide Squad.

About Jay Hernandez

Jay Hernandez emerged onto the Hollywood scene opposite Kirsten Dunst in the 2001 film "Crazy/Beautiful." Since then Jay Hernandez has starred in a number of films, including Disney's sleeper hit, "The Rookie," opposite Dennis Quaid, "Torque" with Ice Cube, "Ladder 49" with Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta, and the inspiring action drama "Friday Night Lights," alongside Billy Bob Thornton.

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